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candy cane

Artist Comment: SPOCK PRIME/JIM IS THE OTPEST OF MY OTPS!!!!! Ugh I just want to roll around in their domestic ups and downs for ever and ever ;u; Also, I-Chaya is the cutest little/big piece of destructive furball!

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[art] K/S Valentines 2014 - POST 2

candy cane
Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: G.
Warning: absolutely nothing at all what a surprise.

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[art] K/S Valentines 2014

Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: R
Warning: Partial nudity? N I P P L E S . B U L G E .

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[art] K/S Advent Calendar 2013

ST: Powerpuff Spock
Fandom: Star Trek
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Partial nudity? N I P P L E S .


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Misc: Keep Calm Draw Porn

Artist Comment: JIM AND UHURA BEING BESTIES IS THE ACTUAL BEST, and something you don't really see in a lot of the stories. 8D Which is me saying guys you should go read it I mean of course the K/S is awesome but JIM AND UHURA!!

The drawings under the cut CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE FIC.

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Misc: Keep Calm Draw Porn

Artist Comment: I-I'm just so happy to be able to finish this on time omg! Hopefully this makes sense as I type it at 5am. Um I'm trying to say things about my drawings without giving too much of the fic away and it's hard. D: Basically, I really like those not-quite-tentacle things and every time I draw Spock's genitalia I have to resist this temptation to make it as elaborate/ridiculous/awesome as possible hahaha. But anyway, omg guys there are so many things I wanted to draw for this fic, if only I had more time on my hands. Definitely go read the fic and enjoy the amazing ride!!

The drawings under the cut CONTAIN IMPORTANT SPOILERS FOR THE FIC. Also, there's NSFW porn.

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candy cane

Artist Comment: Colouring is hard and I don't know what possessed me to give 2 out of the 3 pictures background but here you go! I think my favourite thing out of these is Jim butt, but that's hardly a surprise. The fic is super adorable and filled with amazing UST, guys. Go read it if you haven't already!

The drawings are all based on scenes in the fic, so potential spoiler alert!

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[art] Wow there's A LOT of stuff

ST: Powerpuff Spock
Fandom: Star Trek, Devil Survivor 2, Ace Attorney
Warnings: The usual. Crossdressing, crack, crossovers, explicit porn, implied prostitution?, MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH, ASPHYXIATION

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[art] Happy Valentine's Day!

Misc: Keep Calm Draw Porn
Fandom: Star Trek (crossover with Madoka x1)
Rating: RRRR. Porn, but no body parts?
Warning: The usual. Crack, crossdressing, genderbending, etc.

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[art] K/S Advent Calendar Entry! 8D

ST: Powerpuff Spock
Fandom: Star Trek, Persona 4, Rise of the Guardians, Gintama, LOTR, ATLUS
Rating: Porn and really terrible dick jokes. You figure out the rating.
Warnings: Old man sex, blatant sentient penis, crossdressing, crossover, tentacles, ???weird shit.

Happy Christmas (Eve)!! 8D Or whatever holiday/non-holiday you celebrate! Enjoy the crack I guess, some of which are winter-themed. XD


[art] Happy K/S Day!

Fandom: Star Trek, P4, Sherlock, Ace Attorney, Avengers
Rating: NC-17 omg there's porn okay?
Warning: ...the usual. Crack, porn, weirdness, bad drawing. Also there's Bones/Chekov idk how okay people are with that.

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[art] KSBigBang2012: TiMER - Art Post

candy cane

Artist Comment: I had lots of fun drawing these. And yes, I have noticed my affinity with tortured McCoy. I just enjoy making his life miserable, okay? Thanks to pmastamonkmonk for writing such an adorable fic. <3

The drawings are all based on scenes in the fic, so potential spoiler alert!

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Misc: Keep Calm Draw Porn

Artist Comment: As most of you know, I'm not that familiar with drawing TOS so I tried a lot of new things with these two pictures. My slightly-too-animu style usually doesn't lend itself to drawing TOS well, especially when it comes to Shatner Kirk, but hopefully it worked out okay. Aldora's fic is super duper amazing and seriously, get your tissues ready. :'D

The drawings are all based on scenes in the fic, so potential spoiler alert!

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